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GetMail Evolution  v.4.0

GetMail Evolution allows you to forward email from a Hotmail, MSN account or POP3 account to any other email account. It runs in the system tray and monitors your Hotmail folders,

Get Mail  v.3.3

Get Mail allows you to forward email from a Hotmail or MSN account to any other email account (e.g your main PP account). It runs in the system tray and monitors your Hotmail inbox, then forwards the messages to the email address specified by you.


Mini Inbox  v.3.0

Your Inbox messages on your sidebar. Read your email from the sidebar via a flyout. You don't even need to have Outlook open! Incudes the capability to create, reply delete, and forward email.

Snder  v.1.0

Snder is a small and straight-forward email sender, allows you to send messages and attachments without opening your browser and logging in your account. It can also help you locate your IP and make changes accordingly.Requirements: * .NET

Sperry Software - Secure Email Forward  v.4.0

Security is at an all time high for everyone and your email is no exception. Stay secure by keeping the content of your email messages within the boundaries of your systems.

Automatic Email Manager  v.4.22 Build 4039 Revision 31136

Automatic Email Manager monitors your e-mailbox and automatically detect new emails and applies the defined action(s) like printing email and/or attachments (files like FAX, PDF, Word, Excel, Photos, TIFF,... ), deleting email on server,

Reply With Templates for Outlook  v.1.21

If you have busy email traffic and you need timesaving templates, this program is for you.

PromaSoft AutoResponder  v.2.0

Are you constantly replying to a lot of e-mail messages? Are you tired of typing the same answers over and over again? Want to answer your email in minutes instead of hours! An email auto-responder can solve your trouble immediately!

Printongo  v.0.9 Beta

Print ANYTIME from ANYWHERE to your home or office printer. Printongo help you print the documents you need when you need them, regardless of your location. Once you have installed teh application, forward the email with or without attachments to

MailExporter  v.1.3.5

MailExporter is a powerful solution to export and manage your email messages easily.

EMailaya Portable 2011.1.1 Beta  v.1.0

eMailaya is a powerful business management application designed to improve your work environment and empower business owners.

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